I want that feeling.
I miss that feeling


I don't miss wanting that feeling
so much of the time


I don't want to miss that feeling

having so much of one's mind 
made up of the wanting 
and the waiting for that 
wanting to go away.

Yes, I do want it.
I want it so badly 
that I can not risk what 
having that could mean
what kind of lean 
that could lead to,

what kind of lean need 
that could mean
to me.

9 thoughts on “Wanting

    • Hmm…funny you should say that. I have a piece I’ve been working on that speaks to the idea of “slams” and “spoken word.” I’m not sure I fully understand all the nuances of these forms, but what I’ve seen doesn’t feel like me for some reason.
      I may do at least a text post with audio. soon…ish
      Thanks J–


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