19 thoughts on “Your Mouth

    • Damn, Susan, I love that you’ve said that.
      I sometimes think that I should just whittle all of my poems as much as is humanly possible….so often the super-shorties that I don’t think too much of are the ones that seem to resonate with readers the most.

      ….but I want so badly to write long-lined, epic, multi-stanza poems…

      …but apparently the only way I can seem to do that is to take shorter, related pieces and string them together, but then I still rarely seem to write long lines….
      …oh, well…
      I do have some longer pieces that I am working on, but it will probably take me years to complete them, Well, a couple I KNOW will take years to complete and that’s OK.
      Remember the Temple? The apocalypse that we all slept through? Yeah, that one get’s deeper and wider every time I look at it…
      Thanks S–


      • i share this vacillation between short and long. however, this medium of the internet blogging caters to our tendency to a shorter attention span. the blog audience will prefer the short pieces. in this form, i like the short pieces as well. however, in-the-flesh audiences–the sit down in a room, poetry night, open mic audiences–love and appreciate the longer pieces. please write them. don’t give up on them. read aloud with inflection and drama!


        • This is a great way to differentiate the two, and one that I had not really considered. Surprising as most of what turns into longer pieces for me tends to still be unfinished and so by default does not find it’s way here.
          Yet, anyway.
          And I have already been thinking of holding these in reserve, if you will, for later publication. I do not, as of yet, have any “real-world” associates to bounce my longer pieces off of, but may, when the time comes, find online ears to listen.
          And at some point, we have a newly-begun open-mic in our cafe that may prove a decent sounding-board.
          We shall see….
          Thank you so very much for your interest and encouragement. It means the world to me.


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