Cinqchain (Cinquain Chain)…I must be insane…


crushing pressures

at the centers of things

and pressure-less vacuum, there is

just this.

Just this—
this thin skin of

volition holds our hearts
within our chests and holds its beats
in check.

In check-
ered overlays
on all we see, the mind 
beats against the shadows that lie 

(We have just opened a restaurant.  
I'm averaging 16-18 hour workdays, 
and 4 hours of sleep, if I'm lucky.
None the less, I will attempt
NaPoWriMo....No guarantees....
we'll see how this goes.)

14 thoughts on “Cinqchain (Cinquain Chain)…I must be insane…

  1. You could think of it like medical training… it’s amazing what deep positive habits you can develop in your sleep!


    • Well, I do remember that at the end of April last year, I was actually thinking of carrying on the poem-a-day for the rest of the year. The daily habit/practice is surely beneficial. But time…precious time…


      • I’m planning on writing a haibun for every day in April but cheated by getting ahead. I’ll posting one every Thursday on Signals to Attend but won’t have the time (or will) to post more. So I’m with you in spirit, anyway.


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