Skywires – 1


Some see an interruption, a disruption,

our marks upon the landscape.

Really so different from a termite’s mound
or a bee’s hive or bird’s nest?


Part of an ongoing series that I have not worked on in a while and lately have felt that I need to get back to.

Time for a power-line hunt.

25 thoughts on “Skywires – 1

  1. This evening, I’m thinking you’re talking apples and oranges. Hives and mounds are homes. Poles and wires are conduits for communication, for electricity. What is the bee and termite equivalence?


    • Apples and oranges both are fruit–both grow on trees.

      All encrustations of our existence.

      Perhaps the ants complaint of their neighbors pheromonal pollution, their ceaseless dancing in the sky…


  2. I see trees limbed, skinned and strung out across the landscape in straight lines, bound with heavy cable and thin wires. Rooted in concrete. Powerful. Stoic. Burdened but not bent. A theme I keep forgetting and remembering again. Awesome photograph!


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