This man has
different skin,
different eyes,
turned down a bit
at the corners,
more shaded,
darker and deeper
than mine.

His mouth is fuller
and shapes the
sounds of our language
in ways that I can not,
in ways learned from another 
mother's tongue,
a tongue with which he prays
to a different god than I,
a tongue accustomed 
to a different palate 
of tastes, a world of dishes 
from a world away 
from the ways of my father's world
and he even lays his eyes 
upon other men
differently than I do,


this man who stands beside me is 
my brother, in every way he cannot 
otherwise be—
that does not matter—for here
in this place, at this time, 
with these meals that we share,
with these arms that we share,
this man is my brother because

this man 

is not 

that man.

15 thoughts on “Sameness

    • Hmm, perhaps I am being too “tricky”?
      Not my intention to be misleading.
      The narrator is not me.
      The narrator is a soldier.
      No matter how far we may have come, we still insist on difference, on “us and them” thinking.


      • Oh 😦 bugga – I know and it’s all in what the reader sees, I possibly had my eyes half closed – blame trying to quit smoking…my mind is screwing with me 😦 and yes we do have that mentality sadly.


              • I know – there are some I know after 20 years they still could. I am doing it differently this time, last time cold turkey, this time I have one at night time, until I get to the point or mindset of none at night time – if I can. Three years excellent 🙂 – so proud of anyone who can beat this. They say cig withdrawal is one of the hardest to go through. I am drinking water like a fish!


    • Ah, thank you Jeremy. I am so glad to hear you say that. I have just been reading an interview with a poet, wherein said poet speaks of the establishment of trust between poet and reader. I worry sometimes that I am trying to be too “tricky,” too clever. I do not want to play tricks on my readers and yet I could not see another way to end this poem. I do not want to trick my readers but there still had to be that “trick” at the end. I hope that it still “worked.”


      • I like your poetry so much becaus it takes interesting turns and is often playful. I never find your work too tricky or emphasizing style over substance. Not at all. 🙂


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