Phriday Photos, on the edge, behind the wheel

Often times, my only photo-ops are from behind the wheel.

These were all taken with the Lensbaby Composer, Edge 80 Optic.

It’s like a tilt-shift lens without the shift.

All were found on the way from here to somewhere,
most behind the wheel, some at stoplights.

As always, thanks for looking.

(click on gallery to view images)

(please note: I can not reply to comments left on individual images)

7 thoughts on “Phriday Photos, on the edge, behind the wheel

    • Funny but I’ve only ever printed three of my images. But we are currently opening a restaurant and I will undoubtedly print a few for those walls.
      The problem is choosing. I have something like 40,000 images on hard drives. An embarrassment of riches? Well most of them are junk and I just don’t feel like going through them all and doing all the editing that I’ve put off for the last five years…


  1. Hi, I was just reading Draw and Shoot and saw your comment about Lens Babies. Your great and inspiring photos here, just go to show that there are interesting images everywhere. Being a LB Evangelist perhaps you could recommend one for me. I have a Nk D 5200, my first SLR. I enjoy both street photography and landscape, plants. I live in the country near Paris, so I have the best of both rural and urban environments. Thanks, Henrietta.


    • Thank you, Henrietta. You are very kind.
      Lensbabies indeed help in seeing the interesting everywhere. They are awesome creative tools.

      As far as recommendations go, there are two things to consider with Lensbabies: the lens itself, and the optic.

      I personally prefer the Muse-style lens but just discovered that they are apparently no longer making them. The only ones available on their website are refurbished ones (but in a Nikon mount!) The muse is more “fly by the seat of your pants” style. The optic itself is on the end of a bit of rubber tubing and you actually focus with your finger-tips. Tricky to use, but more intuitive. You may also be able to find used ones on line.

      The other option with lenses is the Composer which gives you more control, and more “repeatability” with your shots. A little pricier but more predictable results.

      As for optics, well, LOTS of options there. I would recommend checking out their website:

      They have tons of info, instructional videos and a blog with even more. You might also check out the user forums:

      I have not been active there in a while, but I do have a gallery there, if you want to see more of my LB images:,1658

      You can see that a lot of my early shots were pretty rough. There’s a bit of a learning curve with the LB but SO worth it.

      My favorites are the Single Glass Optic, the Soft Focus, and the Edge 80, though I use and love them all.

      I would recommend checking out the website and forum info on the different optics and see what “look” appeals to you, and then we can talk more if you would like.

      I’d be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to ask.
      You can email me at:

      I could go on but….I might sound even more evangelical!


        • My pleasure–I have been toying with the idea of doing some posts specifically about Lensbabies and Lensbaby photography–even kind of “how to” stuff.
          Maybe this is the start.

          LB also has a FB page (which I just recently joined–I’m a social media dinosaur) but I haven’t really checked it out. Might be some good info on there as well.

          Pleas don’t hesitate to toss any more questions my way.
          I am not at all joking when I say that Lensbabies changed my photography–really, got me shooting again after about 20 years–and. in a strange but very real way. changed my life.


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