false face 7 (mirrors of our words)


If I tell you what a piece of shit I am, 
am I not really just asking you to 
come rushing to my defense, 
to valorously defend me from myself
or am I perhaps asking you to
join in with the jeering crowd 
that already inhabits my skull?

9 thoughts on “false face 7 (mirrors of our words)

  1. I think the real bitch of it all is that we’re wanting both. The secondary bitch is that we’ll not fully accept either – the defense or the validation – so we keep … asking. The big round and round.


    • Oh, you SO get this T–
      It is indeed a very tricky tight-rope we walk, seeking validation and criticism at once. Dependence and Independence. Community and Isolation.
      This still, small voice.
      Our voice.
      (a la Pinsky)


      • Why do you think we do this to ourselves? Because we feel limited? Because we’re conditioned to suffer? Because if we really accept the truth of it, one way or the other, the noise in our heads will stop? And how we love our noise …


  2. I so understand this dilemma. Here’s how I think about it: anything I feel seems real to me, and some of what I feel (especially what I feel about myself) is awful. But not saying what I feel, not sharing my reality, is worse. –D


    • Thank you so much for that, David. I have been questioning the wisdom of posting these little ramblings. They are not so much about poetry or about “me” as much as they are about my “sense of self.” Thank you for seeing that.

      These pieces are perhaps not all that well articulated, but necessary (?) for me. Sometimes I have to tell myself, “It’s just a blog.”


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