Witty-schism, 2/8/14

My mind's continuing 
verbal wars with itself.

When I find myself arrived at the end of a poem and I can not remember the poem then one of two things must have happened: either I fell asleep or the poem did.

20 thoughts on “Witty-schism, 2/8/14

  1. or that the better poem has got nothing essential to do with you or your writing skill (written with No Mind – Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind; first thought, best thought); I love poems like this, I log them, forget about them, and then come across them later with all the excitement and charm of a New Find, ‘did I write this?’ … NO! … may as well share it; it’s not so much ‘mine’ – although it wouldn’t have happened without me there scribbling – but it is all the more there because of this …

    … how many different ways will I end up saying this: when the finger points to the moon, the fool (the auteur) will look at the finger and wonder how fine a pointing it is making …?


    • Did and it’s a fine piece. I mentioned a piece on Ashberry’s poetry over there and how basically one could say that all of his poems are “about poetry” and I think this ties in here as well. I feel that it is somewhat unavoidable that all poetry is at the very least “about language” in not actually “about poetry.”

      Funny thing — when I wrote this I actually intended it to be about reading poems. You know how you get to the end of reading a piece and you can’t actually remember it? Sometimes it’s an indication of the reader’s attention or lack there-of, but sometimes it is an indication of the piece’s lack of attention or focus.
      Very interesting to me how this can be taken in these two distinct and yet integrally related ways.

      Thanks as always–


    • Aye, ‘twould be, could be, had it happened a few years or more ago, but now….
      Took me almost a year to reply to this and sadly, I can’t say it’s the whiskey this time either…..sorry ’bout that….this one slipped through….Happy NY!


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