false face 4 (mirrors of our words)


If I tell you of all the charities 
I do work for, aren't I really just 
saying, "Look at what a giver I am"?

“I'm good aren't I?”

“Tell me. 
Tell me again.” 

“Here is my ego.  
Stroke it, please…
yes...like that...
...right there.”

11 thoughts on “false face 4 (mirrors of our words)

  1. I’d have to say it’s in the tone and purpose of the saying. Giving others the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they want you to know about the charity so you can support it, too…or maybe they’re not convinced that they’re really a good person, so they have to convince themselves. Circling back, though, I do think that tone is about 90% the meaning. maybe?


    • Yes–tone and context are everything. This is the dilemma of being a giver and an observer of givers and well, a human animal. This can be a tricky business when “giving others the benefit of the doubt” can lead to being taken advantage of. It is extremely difficult if not impossible to remove self-interest (enlightened or not) from the equation. That Ghiglieri book gets pretty heavily into this topic. The choices that “thinking animals” (*my words*) make and why.
      THanks as always–


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