false face 3 (mirrors of our words)


If I tell you how hard I work at my "real" job, 
Aren’t I really just trying to make myself out to 
be more of a self-sacrificing martyr than I am
already trying to make myself out to be?


9 thoughts on “false face 3 (mirrors of our words)

  1. I like the picture…very jowly…as in massive walrus like weighty jowls….could try whistling while you work.
    Looks like ya got a good pucker going there with those jowls. Hey?

    • Hmm, I think it’s just the lack of focus and the processing. But then again, I do has some ridiculous cheeks…at one time got the nick-name of Pudge. This is why my goatee will never leave my face. But still…think it’s just the processing.

  2. Looking more and more like a nightmare. I suppose it depends on what your “real job” is. If it’s tasting fine 70% dark chocolates all day, you’ll get no sympathy from me. Everything is relative.

    • Scary? Oh, good. That’s what I was going for. And Rambly said I wasn’t scary at all…
      It’s all a front, of course.

      Funny you should mention chocolate….as I am actually a chef of sorts. Not paper-trained mind you, but my wife and I own a catering company and are about 4 weeks out from opening a restaurant. I actually have a photo-post about chocolate locked and loaded….Belgian and yes, Dark. Can’t remember the % off hand but yeah, 70 sounds about right. It’s the real deal. It’ll go up this Friday. And well, the chocolate tasting goes hand-in-hand with tendonitis in one wrist, major back problems, corns, no weekends off ever, and occasional 24 hour shifts to name just a few of the trade-offs, but….damn! See? That’s just what I said would happen!

      • Self-ful–filling prophecy. But which came first, the working hard or the talk about working hard? I wish I could enjoy more dark chocolate now. But I came down with some dreaded anti-dark chocolate (and salt, caffeine, and alcohol) disease last May that keeps me from enjoying it fully. I can’t even have the ounce a day that’s supposed to make folks healthy, wealthy, and wise. Nearly put me over the edge…

        • Wow. I can only imagine. I like chocolate, crave salt, and gave up the booze, but NO CAFFEINE? Couldn’t deal with it. You are a stronger and braver than I could ever be. And I’ll bet your family is too. 😉
          Hope this Phriday’s post isn’t too much of a tease…

    • You know what happens to folks who don’t show proper respect for my Uber-scariness don’t you? I withhold the Chocolate! Afraid I’m a bit too skinny to be quite “fuzzy wuzzy” too, but gosh, that’s the First time I’ve ever been called that so maybe I could act fuzzy wuzzy when I’m not acting psycho-scary? 😉

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