False Face 2 (mirrors of our words)


If I tried to impress upon you my deep 
and traumatic feelings about the inner 
workings of the human mind, my mostly 
human mind would implode in a morassive 
sucking smear of self-important blather.  
God knows we've all seen that happen 
more than a few times too many.

12 thoughts on “False Face 2 (mirrors of our words)

  1. I find that when I “blather” about conditions or changes needed outside myself it’s a projection, it distracts me from a more personal emotional responsibility which takes work…daily. But it is also a concrete way to really “hear” myself…the embarrassment often times is enough to turn in a more fruitful exploration. Or run for cover…. 🙂 Thought provoking. It’s a good time of year for vulnerability. A lot of us are cleaning out our closets.


    • Ah–thank you Mz Light–vulnerability it is! I’m a bit trepidatious about some of this FF stuff, but have decided to take the risk and the plunge and put it up anyway.

      And projection–Plato’s Cave meets Jung’s Drive-In Theater!

      I shall project many things on these False Faces, Some true, some false, some ugly, some perhaps pretty, but all projected reflections and shadows, but of what substance if any?


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