25 thoughts on “Phriday Photo: Searching for Structure II

    • Thanks John. Some subjects definitely lend themselves to monochrome treatments. I have a thing for lines and textures. Being somewhat color-blind, I think my brain is drawn to them perhaps more than most.


  1. I have to admit, this photo was slightly arousing, but only because I’m an engineer by trade. I immediately started a force balance and moment analysis in my head, until I realized that I suck at structural. Anyway, great photo.


    • Love that idea Jilanne–I am often very science-minded as you may have guessed and I do a fair bit of reading in the hard sciences. I am also very attracted to many of the mathematical qualities of poetry, especially some of the more strict formal styles. The vocabulary of engineering would no doubt be well-suited to a discussion of the “structure” of poems.
      I tend to think of poems internally in more “organic” terms but one could conceive of poetry perhaps as the bio-engineering of words? or something like that. I will definitely be thinking on it.


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