Four Fold

(...a talisman, perhaps...)

Four fold and full of mirth,
words yield lack and dearth.
Dreams hold drams of killing kind,
coarse drink for healing cuts
of youth’s most mean mistakes,
cleaned now and nearing clever,
never wise but wistful ever.

13 thoughts on “Four Fold

    • “…looking for something I once had.”
      I guess that sums it up pretty well. One of those times I was concentrating more on the form and not paying too much attention to where the words were coming from, but I’d say that’s a valid assessment.


  1. OO this is a clever, slippery, alliterative beast with some great rhythm! I love it: most evocative with a superb last line…. (tiny tiny thing- did you mean coarse rather than course? I have to know!)


    • Thank you Face–I love that–“alliterative beast.” I’m pretty sure my wife has called me that before, only in all caps and with lots of exclamation points! 😉
      And yes! I did mean it to be “coarse.” Thank you for catching that. I’m usually very meticulous about such things but this post was rather slapped up in haste.
      Duly rectified–


    • Gosh. Funny, but that hadn’t even occurred to me. I’ve been sober for almost two years now, so yeah. Probably so. I was just commenting to Trent that it often takes quite a bit of time for me to see what it is that I’m telling myself in my poems. Sometimes I completely blind-side myself.
      Thanks for that–translating me back to myself!


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