27 thoughts on “Spent

  1. I keep seeing that men in my general age grouping have all lost facial definition. Beards and ball caps…I can’t tell one from the other…You just have to personally love them and use radar. But I don’t think I’d call them schmucks … even as an endearment. Calling you on this one Gravity!


    • Well Light, for what it’s worth, I was speaking of an individual, not any “class” of men other than men that would spend $100 on a hair-cut to make them look “mussed” or whatever, as this particular man obviously had. No beard, but probably a “5 o’clock shadow” setting on an electric razor. And definitely no baseball cap. I’m just calling him on his foolish spending in the name of fashion. I’ve been that kind of schmuck and wouldn’t knock anyone for calling me on it. I was speaking to a trend in American culture and I guess one in human nature in general, in this case the male side, though a three-inch-spiked-pedal-torture-device would be in the same category from the female side, or any pre-stressed article of clothing for either. Victims of Fashion. In this case the Tragically Hip. As I’ve said, I’ve been one.
      But you’re right. Name-calling is un-called-for. Really no need for it.
      Schmuck duly removed.


    • And I, by the way, haven’t shaved in weeks.
      Out of pure unadulterated laziness.
      And a propensity for in-grown hairs.
      Plus, I can’t possibly get rid of my goatee.
      If I do, my chin disappears along with it,
      And I look like I’m twelve again.
      So I at least have a valid rationalization for my tragically hip facial hair.
      I hope.


  2. see wasn’t going with beards – I was going with those that pay $100 to have that just got out of bed look πŸ˜‰ oops going now…


  3. I have spent many years at a university where the differences are striking. The young women are often quite beautiful but feel they have to wear makeup in the gym. The young man are often unkempt and don’t seem terribly concerned with their appearance. I find that this is also the case with a lot of the faculty as well. . . though it does vary by department. The business crowd is often the sharpest dressed (male/female alike). The engineers. . . not so much.

    Of course, when I visit my family in the suburbs of Washington D.C. I see a very different picture. Lots of people dress for power, men and women alike. And they do want to look like they woke up in one piece. πŸ™‚


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