This Man

what is it that keeps this man

that i see on this corner
with that look on his face 
every morning, sitting, slumped 
and breathing on the
wall of the garden where
he must be sleeping every 
night, wearing those same 
clothes every time that 
i see him?

                  what keeps him
going on?  what keeps him
from throwing himself in front
of a train?  what keeps him?

it is so easy for me to think
that it would be so easy.

will I see him in the spring?

I am kept by these things.

17 thoughts on “This Man

  1. Johnny! Sorry I had to leave this message here but I couldn’t find a contact link! Remember back in November of 2012 – you won a contest on my blog to ‘name the poetic form’, lol! I said I’d send you a copy of my book when it was published and I will – you just need to send me your address! send me a note at and I’ll mail one out, okay? Cheers! 🙂


    • Thank you Mark–I think that was the piece that “fell into place” to let me know this one was done…
      …well, done for now anyway. Looking at it now (a week or so after posting), I’m not entirely happy with it again.
      Oh, well.


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