Bone’s Memory

(another one for the "Bone Cycle")

Bone's Memory

I can tell that it's raining 
without looking or listening.

After a gallon
of chopped celery,
a negative space 
in the shape
of the handle
of a knife
in the hand. 

The point where 
bone meets bone 

wants to become 

wants to become 
a monument 

to the form
of its function.

This function wants 
to become fossil.

This body remembers 
what it does 

long after 
the mind has forgotten.

19 thoughts on “Bone’s Memory

        • I’ve been in food service in one way, shape or form since I was fifteen. Bussing, waiting, hot-kitchen, cold-kitchen, restaurants and catering. It is a business that is particularly unkind to certain parts of one’s anatomy. I started getting varicose veins before I was thirty. The weather makes itself known in one old broken toe, a bad back and my prematurely arthritic hands.

          My wife and I have owned and operated a catering company for the past 8 years, and we’re now working on opening a restaurant. Should be open in Mid-October.


    • Thank you J–such a kind and creative way to put it. “Stark blooming”–
      …and yes, a gallon, this is what we do to pay the bills, we operate a catering company. My life is often consumed by mass-quantity food-prep.


  1. This poem reminds me of the story about a man who had lost his memory. If I recall correctly, someone taught him to braid, but when later asked to braid three strands he could not recall what it was he was being asked to do. But if left in a room with the three strands, he would pick them up and braid them. When asked what he was doing with his hands, he couldn’t say. There is such a thing as muscle memory, places in the brain where physical action (and not the name of the action) are stored. It is quite eerie.


    • Yes, Jilanne–I am familiar with this phenomenon. Muscle memory is a very real deal, neurologically speaking. Funny enough I was actually going to finish this piece with the lines:

      “every muscle’s
      memory lingers”

      …but decided that this was really more about old bones not wanting to behave than it was about muscles. Perhaps that is another poem….


    • Thank you Alice–and well, remember the big changes I was speaking of a few months ago? Well, the wife and I have been operating a catering company for the past eight years and we are now in the process of opening a restaurant. I have been holding off talking about it too much on here for reasons too numerous to get into just yet, but soon I will be able to tell all…


      • Ah. The dent on the hand the shape of the knife handle is explained. I’ve had catering and restaurant friends. I’ve also cooked large batches of things.

        Best of luck on your restaurant adventures.


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