The Red Dwarf Wheelbarrow

There may in fact be a 
supermassive black hole
at the center of our galaxy, 
in the midst of all that light,

and I am convinced beyond 
any dark matter of a doubt

that through that hole,
on the other side of 
that event horizon, 
through that single 

there is a 

wet red wheel 

and some white 

Everything depends 
on it.

21 thoughts on “The Red Dwarf Wheelbarrow

    • Thank you Alice–
      Are you familiar with “The Red Wheelbarrow”? I’m afraid I played “obscure-poetical-reference-geek” a bit on this one. If you’re not familiar, this might make more sense after reading it:

      keep in mind I said “might”…and keep in mind I don’t even “get” my stuff sometimes… 😉

      …and if you are familiar, then I’ll just shut up now and say…um, thanks…


  1. WCW would tip his cap (maybe his fedora?) to you. This is great, JCC. As always, I like your blend of humor, wisdom, and literacy. 🙂

    I agree with your take, I should add. I don’t know if you are a fan of (or are familiar with) “The Tick.” But you know, you might be bringing together Stephen Hawking, Douglas Adams, and W.C. Williams here. Just let me add a touch of humor:


    • That’s Awesome!! I LOVED “The Tick” in its live-action form. A sorry damn shame it only lasted one season. Never saw the animated version though I knew of its existence. I will definitely watch this!

      I was also thinking of the BBC show “Red Dwarf” and funny enough, it came up as soon as I googled “black hole center of galaxy”! so the title of the poem was really an after-thought but totally fit with the feel.

      Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. This piece reminds me of The Little Prince. It takes a person of true understanding to see the world for what it is! Also, thanks for leading me to the Williams’ poem. 🙂


    • Thank you for reading and for you words, Cinthya. They are greatly appreciated.
      I have actually been thinking that I need to try reading The Little Prince in French (I’ve never even read it in English) since my daughter is in a French Language Immersion school and I’m trying to at least learn a little bit….and people seem to reference TLP a lot regarding my work.


      • I would urge you to read it; if not the French original, then the first translation in English. I think the reason people seem to reference it is that it’s about the small things in life and the importance of looking beyond facts and figures. I’m not very good at explaining this, but there’s a thread of that in your writing too. You write with the intuition of a child… and the end result is beautiful.


  3. I just have to let you know – I keep coming back to this poem. I’ve hunted through your blog about 3 times to find it over and over again. Today in my English class we had to choose one of four poems to analyze and I, of course, chose the Red Wheelbarrow. This piece compliments it beautifully, makes it clearer. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of rereading it 🙂 Thanks!


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