The Look

Do you look 

Do you look 

Do you look 
in the face
		and tell 
			  it to 


My beautiful wife hates
to have her picture taken.

What have you done
to my love?

My little girl wants to 
be a ballerina, a fairy.

What will you do
to love?

So many girls
so many women.

What do you do
to love?

18 thoughts on “The Look

  1. JCC, wow, wow, wow. I love how you have caught the objectification, including that of what we women do to ourselves. We should tell those standards to fuck right off. I am reblogging this.


    • Thank you, John.
      I am never certain about using profanity until I put it out there but in this case, I just felt that no other phrase would quite do the job. I hoped to temper that with the second part so I’m glad to hear your words.


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