because what we really needed was another chink in the armor of our faith in humanity

“Man, that girl
was smokin’,” 
he said.

Yeah, I thought,
like a baby,

you know,
like that two-year-old

from somewhere
on Sumatra

in that video that
someone sent us;

the one that slapped 
his own father in the 
face when the cigarette 
was taken away;

the one whose father laughed 
with the rest of the crowd
when the child just lit up 
another and twirled it around 
and around like a baton in 
meaty fingers, practicing 
multiple methods of inhaling 
and exhaling, blowing rings 
and puffing already chubby 
cheeks in oblivious apparent 
mockery of the undoubtedly, 
prematurely swelling heart;

the one whose father
gave him his first cigarette; 

the one who was up to 
two packs a day
before they put him in rehab
before the age of three;

the one that made me want,
for his sake and my own,
to crawl out of my own skin 
and into the skin of some 
better animal,

one without the sense 
to be so senseless.

she was smokin'.”

12 thoughts on “because what we really needed was another chink in the armor of our faith in humanity

    • Well….when I see things like this, I have to wonder if the idea of “Good” even has a place in her (or his) head…I kind of think that if God is as all-powerfully terrifying as they say, perhaps the idea of a good/evil dichotomy is beneath her (or him).
      Of course, like the muses, I tend to think of gods as having a sex only for the convenience of our systems of labeling.


        • I have often thought that we humans are (hopefully) progressing towards a truer vision of the unknown. Not meaning it hierarchically, but from pure animism/paganism to polytheism to monotheism to….I don’t know what you would call it when you get to the point where you realize that “God” is not “a god” but something that is far beyond even the use of the word “thing”. Truly beyond description. Not an original idea, I know, but something I think about a lot…


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