Cartography III

we play here 
in the fuzziest of maths 

our paths diverge from 
us even as we are 
on the verge of
pushing parallels 
until they converge 
at the horizon

no conflict of interest
our interests engulf us
and all the world around us

is there really a point
where one day becomes another?
a line demarcating one from the next?   
a border in time?
a break in the line?

there are no breaks 
only endings and beginnings
endlessly beginning

there is no border between
one moment and the next
a line in the sand perhaps
but this line is 
a billion grains of silica 
marking the borders of a negative space
where the idea of a line lives

one grouping of grains marks where
one grouping of grains ends and
another begins? 

one ending begins and
one beginning ends?

until the sands shift again


we play here in an endless sandbox
our rules engage us in the 
game of rules

the horizontal is always 
while our horizon forever rounds
a strangeness of circles 
embraced by sand 

these grains embrace us and
we forget 
our lines
our selves

this sand loves us and 
loves for us to forget

this silica wants to make 
blue glass marbles 
to circle about us

7 thoughts on “Cartography III

    • Thank you Ms. Light–I had not thought of this (or these…including I and II) as a love poem, but I guess they really are. Learning to love those dragons. Seeing them as harbingers of wonder rather than omens of doom. We are always at the edge of the unknown. Always in a world of wonder, if one is willing to look.


  1. This reminds me of Tai chi with each movement as the beginning of the next. Only I would say that the next day begins when I awaken an boot my computer. Right about then.


    • Exactly Alice–the seed of yin within yang and the seed of yang within yin. I would say the seed of that boot-up for you begins at beady-bye the night before, especially with your dreams…
      Still catching up, but it appears from the headlines that things are going well for you? I certainly hope so.


      • JCC,

        Existence is one continuous flow for me most of the time. What dreams I have. Vivid. Complex. A real gift I’ve been given. Awake and asleep blend. This is good.

        Thanks fore reading and checking up on my “new” life in the “old” world.

        Things are great. Fabulous. Compelling. I’m having the time of my life and cooking some great vegetable stews and soups. Even my 12 year old eats them. THIS is another French miracle. He eats VEGETABLES here.

        It’s always great to hear from you.

        :-))) Alice


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