Glass Masks: quote, deconstructed quote, quotidian construction

“This carnal organism, born from a mother’s womb and destined to end as dust, is the great equalizer of beings.” --S. Batchelor
no matter carefully Mara is analyzed classified, the devil eludes define him, one risks losing slips through the bars of the cage contain him polymorphous perversity effectively communicated representing figuratively a personality alone can contain the puzzle multiplicity we humans metaphor (for) the devil Words concepts order sense something devilish about we think and speak Mara snares into the structure language itself this leaking frame is inescapable fragility and impersonality our condition decay, smells, aches, seizures, breakdowns mockery of the self contained personality we struggle our pools meet in the void of minds our ripples interfere they will be the same self-stilling calmness that sees no interference patterns the best that we could hope for a blending of similar wave-patterns of interference a co-mingling of forms and rings and ripples blending into faces that see not faces but the water behind the mind see the glass mask hear the tremor in the voice and feel the shaky grasp of rough hands, callused hands, hands soft with fear and touched by time they feel the tremors of the tension of the grasp that holds too tightly after all, this mask is transparent I peel the skin from my face show you the viscera and bone beneath my eyes this vision floats above that surface reflecting an image

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