A thousand things cut 
this city up but leave it 
laid out before us 

on the table. We 
are flayed alive while we strip 
it block by block.  These 

streets are lines on our 
hands.  The continuity 
is gone but it still 

congrues like gruel 
in the bowls of our brains.  We 
can never glue it

back to the way it was when 
wheels shared streets with hooves.

9 thoughts on “Lines

  1. Kitchen poetry. . . The city as buffett. History as digestion.

    I really like this. It is too bad I can’t italicize my words on wordpress because I would italicize “really.”


    • “Kitchen poetry. . . The city as buffett. History as digestion.” Love that J– That really helps me home in on a thread that runs through this and some other pieces including one that I’ve been working on for years. Really love that idea. Once again, I find you telling me just what I needed to know about my work.

      And, yes, I just totally italicized those words! 😉
      I’ll shoot the secret to you in an email.


      • I like secrets. . . do tell!

        I am glad you find my comments helpful. I love your work -written, photographic, even culinary (recipes)- and they all seem related to me.

        At some point I would love to hear about your restaurant plans. When I read this piece I had your role as a chef in my mind.


        • Ok…not sure why it apparently didn’t actually work the first time. I feel silly. Here I was telling you I italicized when I hadn’t. Might have been using my iPad and that thing and the WP app don’t get along always…but if you look at the comment now…you’ll see what I mean…


        • And yes, I always find your comments helpful. Truly constructive in helping my build my voice. I really appreciate it! 🙂
          I keep saying I’m going to do a post a bout the coming endeavor, the words just aren’t coming…


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