Missing (Part 3)

Part of a series.  Not necessarily in any order.
Part 1 can be found here.
Part 2 can be found here.

What my friend Jeremy, of The Sand County, calls “boundary work.”  Flirting with the edge of meaning, loss and memory.


Do you feel the rain where you are?
Is there water there in the far
reaches of memory? Does time
fall through the air, like brittle rime
crusting the sea? Is this weather?
Tenuous shifts of the tethers
that tie us, each to our own place?

I stand in the rain, raise my face
to the falling sky as my sight
becomes a part of the pale light
that is left to us, and wonder
how we can all be so sundered
and still hold together all this
madness, beauty and darkness.

13 thoughts on “Missing (Part 3)

    • Thank you–
      yes, the inevitability of change is something I try to keep in mind at all times. There have been many things in my life that were out of my hands and so, I have been lucky I think to see the mutability of these tethers…


    • “melding” is another good name — Thank You for that!
      Should have regular internet soon, so I’ll be over to catch up on your adventures. Can’t wait to see how it went! Have to admit that I’ve been watching your post-titles like headlines in my reader but purposely NOT reading your recent posts as I lost track a while back and want to read them in all their full-sized glory, and when I have time to sit with them — i.e., not on my phone!
      I have a LOT of catching up to do…


      • JCC, I keep slipping and losing track of writing and reading and posting things. Intermittent internet here. Dead phones. VERY busy with all the details one never has to deal when only on vacation here. Today the prefecture an hour away. Then on to laundrymats, library cards and a bank account.

        How are your life changes progressing?



        • We are well. Thank you.
          I will be able to catch up in my reading and writing as well soon I hope.
          The writing kind of left me for a while, but the words are bubbling up again. Lots of energy behind them. Not sure where they had gone, but…

          Our plans are getting more solid, so I will try and post about it soon as well.


          • Words cycle. Creativity cycles. I haven’t made a word of poetry all week. I can’t get past my journal before I’m up and running to the next task.

            Got library cards today. It’s open about 12 hours a week spread over four days. There is an annual fee of 20,50 euro. They allow three books checked out per card and charge 7,20 euro for overdue (ten bucks!).

            I miss my generous American libraries, thick with free books to read.

            Bank in the morning at ten.

            Off-loaded both cell phones. Changed the kids’ to roaming till we can use up the pre-paid minutes on it. Still waiting for the French chip we paid for to arrive.

            Maybe tomorrow we’ll brave the hike to the laundromat about a mile down hill from us at the harbor. Then back up hill with wet clothes. My experience with French driers is that they steam cook but don’t vent.

            Details, details, details.

            I can’t wait to hear yours. Your adventure will distract me from mine so I can breathe.



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