9 thoughts on “Little Visitors…

      • Ah. Another favorite topic of mine. Our native bacteria that keep us so healthy. Lactobacilli are my friends. 😉 I’m a fermentation fan and love to ferment my own kraut and kim chi and sour dough. I like knowing that bacteria from my own skin and environment are pre-digesting my food. 😉


        • I remember reading about a distillery in Scotland that refused to clean the rafters where they brewed their wort for fear of changing the natural balance of yeasts that had been contributing to the unique flavor of their whisky for generations. Could be a bit far-fetched, but it wouldn’t surprise me…
          I make fermented sambals (SE Asian pickles/hot sauces) and they have a totally unique flavor.
          Internet’s still in a tizzy, but I swear I’ll pop over to your place soon…


          • JCC, When I fermented my kimchi in France it grew a distinctly buttery flavor. I was amazed. Buttery kim chi? Bread dough acts different there, too. I like really long bread dough ferments, over twelve hours, sometimes two days or more. I shall have to google sambals and try this when we get settled next week. Blast off in six days. The endless details continue. I keep getting behind in my blog reading as well. Then we’ll be traveling a few days next week and I’ll go down for the count again. Life vs blog? 😉
            All the best.


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