We, too

We hold each other
to gather our disparate
selves unto ourselves.

We cry and laugh at
the utter absurdity
of our existence.

We do not know when
we begin or where we end
and our answers are

questions in guises
of light. We listen mutely
in the darkness while

our wisdom falls wetly down
upon our bare feet.

16 thoughts on “We, too

  1. It is but a moment when we cry and laugh, sometimes we gather to disparate..we begin with each end ..we question our answers again..when darkness surrounds we must listen for sounds..its us or me..I think I have found..myself once more when sought like before


  2. You had me in the first stanza, JCC, but you flipped me with your last lines. So sensual. So much love and hope here. Hope this is a poem based on experience. {{{Hugs}} Kozo


    • Well thank you Kozo, because you just flipped me with your comment.
      All of my pieces change their meaning for me with time as, and after, I write them. I had been thinking of the “we” in this in the collective sense of humanity, or thinkers or perhaps “poets,” but now to think of “we” in a more dual sense of “you and I”…well that reads quite a bit differently.
      Thank you for giving me this new vision of my vision.
      {{{hugs back}}} JCC


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