we sit in circles
like dust settling
out of the room
like light fading
into the corners
like dark creeping
along the floor

we sit
and are ourselves
only to ourselves
to all others we 
are other

we stand 
like trees
like blades 
of tall grass
like birds 
on long legs
in the water

we fly at ourselves
and whirl about
our own heads

we the moth
we the flame
we the candlemaker

we hold ourselves
like little children
and laugh
into our hair
into the sun
and become 

14 thoughts on “We

    • Thanks OoaC. I think that part of what we as poets do is flirt with that boundary–flit around and across it. Thank you for bringing that aspect of this (which I don’t think I had fully seen) to light.


    • I have been thinking much lately of the children we all hold within our selves and this thought is finding its way into many of my pieces.
      Thank you, and i am glad you could connect.


    • Thank you so much for this! There is a quote (one of those that WP puts up on the screen when you publish a post) about not knowing what you have to say until you write it. I have often found that I don’t always know what I am saying exactly until someone reads what I’ve written, until the words bounce back. I think you have summed this up better than I could have.
      Thank you.


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