Phriday Phaiga 5/3/13


Have a Phruity Phriday!

…and a crappy photo…


10 thoughts on “Phriday Phaiga 5/3/13

    • Well, it’s kind of like what they say about blind squirrels and nuts. Do something (anything?) a few hundred times, and you tend to get better at it. That’s the hope anyway…

        • Exactly. Same way I got the nick-name, Johnny Crabcakes. I worked at a large catering company that made hors douvres-sized crab cakes in batches of ~1800-2000. I lost count at 500,000 crab-cakes. I continued making them for another five years after I lost count. I figure I must have made over 1,000,000 before I left the company and moved on. The name stuck. I still make the crab-cakes. The wife and I named our company after them.

          • I’m salivating. But after making over a million, how can you not be sick them? Do you live near the Chesapeake Bay? We lived just outside DC in Bethesda for about 5 years a lonnnng time ago. Loved to go the eastern shore just on the other side of the Bay bridge for the crab feasts.

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