Binary Earth

How many neurons
fire or don’t fire

to spell the color red?

How many ons and offs
spell rouge instead

of scarlet or crimson,
color or rust?

How many more spell
iron to dust
and burn it to umber?

How many reds 
slumber in the brazier
of the sun?

How many browns
sleep in the mud?

8 thoughts on “Binary Earth

  1. Painting with words, JCC. Love it. I read that kids today can only identify 1/3 the shades of red that kids before used to identify due to lack of time outside and screen time. I wonder what colors they see when they read your poem? Taking my kids out in nature today/everyday. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


    • Thanks Kozo–Outside time is SO important. I grew up spending a LOT of time in the woods, mountains, forest. Unfortunately, our urban life and business have limited the amount of time our daughter has spent in nature much more than I would like. However, she gets VERY little screen time (1-2hrs/wk avg.) so hopefully one balances the other. Her artwork leads me to believe this is true and that we’re doing ok….


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