Morning Haiku(-ish)

light dances on fields

of belligerent sleep, chasing

crows and hard scarecrows

...inspired by the sunlight of Ms. Susan L. Daniels...

...ok, so I can't count...eight syllables in line 2....

...and it's not really a haiku or even a senryu... sue me...

...puttin' the Po' in NaPoWriMo...

...aaww...Po' 'Ku....

18 thoughts on “Morning Haiku(-ish)

    • Hmmm…don’t know about that….rather liked your grumpy ‘ku right where it was….
      ….and those crows were dark, dark thoughts….that scarecrow was me, I think….woke up with “hard scarecrow” rolling around in my head…you gave me the perfect place to put its bony countenance…


  1. LOL When I first read this, I thought they were belligerent SHEEP. ROFL Perhaps the crows and scarecrows colored my impression. Or I’ve been watching too many episodes of Shaun the Sheep with my son…


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