Three Fibs



is all

that I know,

though chance may tell you

that all these things are intended.





to you

with these hands

full of tracks and trails

now winding upon your softness.






upon green

branches with green leaves–

browns, turning to black in the dusk.










…puttin’ the Po in NaPoWriMo…

9 thoughts on “Three Fibs

  1. The “nonce” … such a peculiar little word. Yes…I had to look it up. It’s either a hip hop group, a word made up for the moment, or something intended just for the moment.
    All in all…. a sweetness nonce for taking. Thank you kind Sir…


    • It is a fun word, isn’t it? Sounds somehow very 19th century, doesn’t it?
      In this case, I was thinking of its use in poetics, in describing “nonce stanzas”. In other words, stanzas that are “made up” (i.e. for the moment/occasion) but still establish a pattern that is repeated. Marianne Moore was the master of this, and I’ve been re-discovering her again, and realizing how much she influences me. I kind of cut my modern-poetry teeth by reading a lot of her work. The Fish is a prime example of nonce stanza form that also incorporates rhyme and her incredible sense of rhythm:

      Thank you for your kind words.


  2. I LOVE this. The second stanza all tucked in there romantic and soft – I don’t know why that hit me – kind of like a big, tough biker cuddling a baby and making baby talk. And especially the play with the title. 😉 maybe I’ll come up with a sequence as well 😉


    • Oh, Please do Mims! It’s a fun form. And these are all True, I swear. 😉
      You made me think with the biker bit of something my wife once said about me….hmmm….perhaps my piece for today, if I can make it happen…


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