Down at the squirt shop

Porcupine hill met fish-pond face down at the old squirt shop.  They thought they’d head out to green feel piece and wilt the day trippers with fuzz.  Twelve-piece times felt too much like tank girls on acid and then there was the fun-farm.  Too much piss and vinegar, sponges and spill-proof pistol grips spinning into the night.  Twelve days to go ‘till the fortnight of the revolution and then?  Then what?  Then the dandelions take over and there’s no telling what could swallow the night.  Fortunate speculums hit these fuckers on the head so many times they thought their ears were spit-shined.  You know, tweezed to within an inch of their artificial dangling spinsters, like all those frozen pin-cushions positioned on the precipice of window displays, dancing in the eyes of corn-hole robbers and rocking chairs….

…puttin’ the Po’ in NaPoWriMo…

7 thoughts on “Down at the squirt shop

    • Thanks Alice–Kind of a fun but tricky game, making grammatical sense, but still non-sense. The sense-carrying structure is correct, but the meaning is messed with.
      This idea springs from an article I read about the ability of bi-lingual children to differentiate the sense in the structure of a sentence from the sentence’s nonsensical substance. Monolingual children tend to simply see the nonsense and cannot separate it from the structure.
      As a poetical exercise it is interesting and somewhat difficult to create something that follows (for the most part) the grammatical “rules” of “subject,verb,object” (at its simplest) while making no sense meaning-wise and yet still be “interesting”.
      Something I’ve been messing with a bit lately and hope to do more of.


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