This bomb

(while listening to Jimmy Cliff sing Guns of Brixton)

this is how the bomb will go
let me tell you so you’ll know
how first it'll get you in the head,
clean up all the things you’ve read
about disconnect and dedication
and take us down 
to our dusty nation
and no one has to know 
where no one has to go

no one will be able to say or show
how the world has tried to grow
us into more

but we refused to let it go

this bomb will tell us right from wrong
this bomb will set us straight
this bomb will put us in our place
this bomb will give us 
just what we deserve 

this bomb will let us drop

and drop

and drop case you think Phaiga don't count...
...puttin' the Po' in NaPoWriMo...

7 thoughts on “This bomb

  1. Nice. For some reason, the words “This bomb is bound for glory, this bomb” is playing in my head. Thanks for the Jimmy Cliff link – it’s been ages since I’ve seen him perform…


    • Haha! THat is perfect! Maybe this piece isn’t finished after all…
      Though aware of Jimmy, I was not all that familiar with his music. A friend of mine brought over his newest album and it is awesome. It’s pretty cool to see someone of his era doing a cover of the Clash, music circling upon itself.


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