what is added, what is taken away

after too many days 
i find my self
standing again

i do not watch
but listen
to my breath

in my nose 
through my head
throat, chest, belly

what must be added
what must be taken away

just this breath

this long history of days
of me
added in the pans
banging the clock
ticking the fan
rattling in the 
kitchen with the pans
the wind
the car that comes
boomboombumping and thumping 
down the street
vibrating the window i breathe
i cradle the center
i hold it 
and becomes a palpable thing in my hands
the holding of holding
it is 
one last

i breathe i hear and feel a snap
in the back
tension going out of the spine
i see a bird
black? starling?
i wonder if my timer will work this time and

i am done

and i laugh
at the fact
of this occurance 
of sights and sounds 

silly ornaments 
on a
silly frame

what is added
what is taken away

and i have to laugh 
at the fact 
that i laugh 
at this fact

...inspired by mark's irony...
...puttin' the Po' in NaPoWriMo...

18 thoughts on “what is added, what is taken away

    • Thank you Jen–I’m trying to make my words an every day occurance, and to use my words to help me make this standing practice (its a form of meditation) a daily occurance, a daily practice. No timer when writing, but I do use one (with a lovely soft tone) when I’m meditating.


  1. Incredibly zen. When I tried walking meditation one day crossing the parking lot to work, I thought “Wow. I’m getting good at this.” Then I fell flat. So I noticed the scrape and the pain and the tears on my cheeks. Alice


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