I found a crown…

...of gogyohka
in my pocket
better than finding
half-chewed gum


i awoke in the night 
thinking of words 
and a particular quatrain 
and somehow feeling
that it needed icing

the only wave
that I can catch
is the one 
that is nothing 
but my phenomenal self

i find a different face 
at every direction
while i sit 
at the center 
smearing into pink

be your own nothing
your own emptiness
find the comforting womb 
of void
where you were born

i walk the line 
between real effort
and over-wrought irreality
between profound honesty 
and whoring profundity

...puttin' the Po' in NaPoWriMo...

14 thoughts on “I found a crown…

  1. These are great! ….I could hear a little drum roll and cymbals after each one.
    And I will now think of being Caucasian as “smearing to pink”
    The last stanza is epic….


  2. So much wisdom here. Don’t you love the inspiration that wakes you in the night?
    I was just thinking about how I used to be obsessed with surfing because I thought it made me cool and would make others love me. Your quatrain about catching the wave that is our phenomenal self reminded me of this. Thank you. {{{hugs}}} kozo


    • Funny story about that one–a friend of mine a while back called me “Johnny Tsunami” and it struck me (comically) how different my life would have been if that nick-name had stuck instead of “Johnny Crabcakes”….yeah, maaaan, I’d be totally chillin’ on the beach on Oahu of Fiji maaan….instead of schleppin’ food…


      • Been there, done that. I’d much rather be right here, right now, delving into the meaning of things with your poetry. Surfing is great, but it tends to be surface level by definition. {{{hugs}}} Kozo


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