Empty Elephants…an acrostic gogyohka

All these empty elephants
Pretending their own absences,
Regard their blind inspectors
Intent on every piece,
Laughing whole-heartedly. 

I see your challenge, Ms. Mimsy, and 
raise you one acrostic...
...puttin' the Po' in NaPoWriMo...

17 thoughts on “Empty Elephants…an acrostic gogyohka

  1. Ill have you know I hate acrostics haha. Soo hard.

    “Perhaps”, one day said Johnny crab cake
    “One superb challenge I will make,
    Elephants, on a whim,”
    Miss Mims said, “I’m in”
    Silly poems they both wrote in 2 shake(s)

    A huge stretch I know, but I had to get the damn limerick of sorts out before I could think clearly


  2. I like the vision of “empty elephants”. I had to stop and think about it. Like empty stockings at hung on the mantle waiting to be filled or the gray skin bag of an elephant after a long diet. Got me. Keep writing. 😉


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