If I me(t)

If I met 
me on the
street, I think 
that I would 
think that I
was just a
bit weak, a 
bit of a 
geek, steeped as 
I am in 
words and their 

If I met 
me on the
street, I think
that I would
not like me
very much,
estranged as
I am from
my own sense
of my self 


if I'm at
merely an
other cross
street, I think
that I would
like someone,
very much
deranged as
I am, formed
by our shared
love to help.

Puttin' the "Po'" in NaPoWriMo...trisyllabically...

27 thoughts on “If I me(t)

  1. I’m a geek for words too 🙂
    I like the irony in your poem, how often we see our own weaknesses but then we want someone who is like us in the same way. I also like how you ended with a touch of hope.


  2. You choose yourself in the end – foibles and all this is who we are, what makes us and though we have weakness, we must love ourselves first, for that’s where it all must start …must it not? Any consolation I do not think you are weak or a geek 🙂 I liked this Johnny.


    • Thanks OoaC–
      Yeah, I think that when we meet someone that “rubs us the wrong way”, it is often because we see something in them that we do not like about our selves. I think I read that in a psychology book somewhen…but it was probably pop-psychology so…


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