Twill and Tea

Response to Mimsy's Prompt.  

For C, the Lady Leaf of my tea.

Golden bone of monkey, 
herring and needle 
tooth of hounds and 
skin of shark 
flowering of gunpowder, 
bergamot and mint,
melon seed cloud of lotus and silk 
foulard, surah, 
cavalry and drill.


Leaves unfold
in coalescing ceremonies
of memory and becoming
in cooling cups held warm
in hands with fingers 
twill to loom

The Agony of the 
Leaves.  Us, alone together,
grown together, 
lapped on the sea of time and
sung to the time of tea
in giving up parts 
of our plural selves 
to the water,

this plural tea,
‘twill coalesce.

Really not happy with this in many ways (not least because can like...hear me...), 'tis anyway...

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