I chew with my brains.
I eat with my eyes and ears.
I shit with my mouth.

Values vary invariably
between us in the
unobserved interval,
an interval forever unobservable.
Our projects extend, expand
and arrive as conjectural junctions
in unknown areas,
constructing images out of us and
construing the air out of our lungs.

I expectorate through 
and despite my skin,
my closest next of kin
and home for all my bones.

26 thoughts on “Extrapolate

  1. Johnny, this is brilliant. Each image builds on the other and I am left reeling in delight. It starts with that shitting with your mouth and ends with that lovely home for your bones. I for one am glad your bone-home shares my language, so I can revel in your poetry.


  2. JCC,This is an inexorable word channel that pulls from the beginning to the end. I like the skin as next of kin and home to bones. We are inside sacks made of skin. Alice


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