Shedding Dark

take them off 
like ropa vieja 
these years
for Kala’s consumption
to don others then
shedding those 
too in time 
shedding time 
like dead skin

worming through all this life
forming through this and 
all that happens to it
a worn hole I call my self 

bare toes tracing circles
in the dust

Inspired by the Light of J.H. White

2 thoughts on “Shedding Dark

  1. Good morning JCC…more explorations on a favorite theme. Thanks for the recipe (ropa vieja) and the pingback.
    ” worming through all this life” Building up a little humus ? Worm shit rocks…


    • Haha! I have recipes for hummus as well if you like, but I leave the worm-shit out, garbanzos taste better….
      There you go again, making me wish I had put in something about humus/hummus…as long as I’m mixing up cultural references, why not add the middle-east?
      This also brings to mind Natalie Goldberg’s idea of “composting” in writing practice….I may run further with this…


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