Phriday Phaiga 2/22/13


This weeks Phaiga brought to you by way of two of my co-Inspirators, jeremy and mimsy.

Have a Querc-ky Phriday!

11 thoughts on “Phriday Phaiga 2/22/13

    • Thank you mimsy — funny thing is I’m color-blind so I honestly don’t know quite how this looks to anyone else. It is a split-tone setting I came up with in Lightroom…people seem to like it and it really seems to work with wintery images. Same setting I used in this set , though I think those were B&W first…horrible memory…terrible about keeping track.

      • πŸ™‚ Do you see hues though? even if they aren’t the same as the rest of us do? or completely to grey tone? I love to play in Lightroom…I’m learning to love B&W tonal qualities too… just did my nephew’s senior pictures for him.

        A little story about this – πŸ™‚ I teach chemistry – and when we do the flame test labs, I have to ask the kids to break the HIPPA stuff, because one year I had two boys – BOTH colorblind – and I didn’t know or ask about it because its “confidential”. They both missed almost ALL of it, and only after one said..well I’m colorblind. And the other – no way- Me too! What are the odds? πŸ™‚

        • I do see hues. Relatively mild R/G , Anomalous trichromacy (deuteranomaly) probably. I tell people “Yes, I see color but you don’t want me near the color/tint controls of your TV.” if tv’s still have those…
          I love the split-toning feature in LR. I went through all of the “tone-numbers” with my wife and had her tell me colors to match the numbers and then made a chart. It’s a rough approximation but it seems to work.

          Those poor kids. PC BS gone overboard again! I was lucky that my mom had a color-blind father and brother so she picked up on my issues very early. Funny thing is that I felt different in a good way–unique. Seems a shame the way these things are sometimes handled these days. Hush-hush-can’t-hurt-anyone’s-delicate-feelings-can-we? rather than simple acceptance.

          Another funny note: The Oxford Book of the Mind says that apparently the preferred term now is “color-deficient”!
          Seriously? I’m color-blind.

          • πŸ™‚ my dad is color near-sighted hehe…he isn’t R/G but telling hues of black, grey, brown, navy is very difficult for him. When I was young…oh how mean I was. My mom would match up his socks for him…and my sister and I would get into his sock drawer and mismatch all his dress socks…so when he was our Sunday school teacher, we would sit and snicker… πŸ˜€

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