Sunday Supper, Ikan Panggang

When I have the time and the energy, and when I’m not tired of cooking for the masses, this is how I have fun in the kitchen.

This is a Thai/Malaysian-inspired meal I made for a “family” dinner with friends one Sunday.  I don’t usually get to have this much fun and freedom in our usual cooking.  We do a lot of diverse and creative foods but we often end up doing the same items a LOT.
We often tire of our own cooking…

1) The spice-paste for the fish: lemongrass, Thai basil, cilantro, garlic….and I may have added ginger and galangal…and…?


2)The fish (I used mahimahi), pasted.


3) Marinated White Bunashimeji Mushrooms.


4) The fish, wrapped and ready for the grill.


5) A vegetable medley (julienned carrots and lotus root, shallot, broccoli), sauteed and flambeed with curry vodka (my own creation).


6) The mahi mahi on the grill.BLF-6

Sorry, we ate it all before I could get a pic of the finished, unwrapped fish.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Supper, Ikan Panggang

  1. This looks pretty terrific. Do you recommend a substitute for the mahi mahi? I am vegan but would like to try this recipe. What might you suggest?


    • Well, you could do tofu. Extra firm. Anything softer probably wouldn’t hold up. Don’t know if you can find it but we use a “dry yellow” tofu from “Phoenix” brand. Very, very firm, grills beautifully directly on the grill so it would hold up to this treatment. And it takes marinades well.
      You could try tempeh, but many varieties are already pretty salty so…? And last I bought some, it was pretty pricey…
      It would probably work quite well with eggplant–thick-sliced large or halved small ones.
      I’ll email you the recipe–at least the one I started with. I always tweak the crud out of recipes as I go and I’m horrible about taking notes…


      • Cool. Very cool.

        My wife said “tofu” immediately. We typically by the extra firm tofu anyway, so there should be some lying around the fridge. I’d consider trying tempeh too. In other words, I am open to experimentation.

        I have been a vegetarian for a long time but very recently I made that final step into veganism: the final frontier. I love Southeast Asian cooking and have been interested in learning more about how to do it myself. Right now I am exploring the joys of coconut milk.

        Thank you for sharing!


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