Phriday ~Phaiga~ 2/8/13

Not really a Phaiga, technically, but I made up that word and besides, I couldn’t resist.

It does have a poem accompanying a picture, so, in my book, it qualifies.

A guest poster this week.  She’s now writing poetry.

None other than Miss Magpie Sage…photo(1)

The Butterfly That Cried

Oh, the butterfly who cried
nobody heard her because she was inside.

She sighed,
as the fairies lied
in the spot where she hides.

Only one fairy heard her,
the fairy that read to her,although,
she was happy on the inside.

—Magpie Sage (transliterated by me, her dad)

If you’re wondering about the weird phonetic spelling, she’s seven and she’s in a French language immersion program so she tends to blend French sounds with English.

Have a very Phaerie Phriday!

15 thoughts on “Phriday ~Phaiga~ 2/8/13

  1. Wonderful post. I enjoy the narrative flow of the story, the vivid characterizations, the phonetic sounds of the words and the feelings that come through so clearly. Well crafted and beautiful. Keep writing.

    I read and speak some French. When I think “French” and read it, the words sound just right.


  2. Thank God for the Obi Wan Farie! Love this. Did anyone notice the incredible French Rose reminiscent of Le Petit Prince. You have one special daughter, Johnny. Hope you frame this.


  3. I like the collaboration here a lot and the phonetics. I agree with Alice; when I think about hearing French the sounds your daughter includes make a lot of sense.

    Your daughter is definitely talented. More, please! 🙂


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