Faith in Humanity.

If you are having trouble finding the answer, it’s usually because you’re asking the wrong question…

I want to take down my previous post as it just seems like a little bit of ugliness.  I’m leaving it up as a lesson to myself.  I guess I needed a lesson in finding peace and compassion.

Feel free to forget it…or remind me of it if you think I need it…

Thank you all for your support.

16 thoughts on “Faith in Humanity.

  1. I do not know why you are concerned so, maybe I am not as passive or as willing to find peace in human nature. I found nothing wrong in you putting that post up – nothing at all, yet you seem to have remorse? I have no compassion or ‘love and peace man’ for idiots who do or say idiotic things, sorry that is just me. The sign was idiotic…


    • Now I realise fully what you are meaning! Feeling somewhat embarrassed, I went back and read the post again and saw that you wrote the sign, which was not mentioned in the original post?
      See now I have a slightly reverse attitude, it wasn’t idiotic. BUT – You still don’t have to feel that you lack compassion, or that what you did is ugly, you were
      correct in writing it. You were simply showing the world..making a statement. I for one would leave it up. You are no worse a man for doing so.


    • Just to clarify again Jen — I wrote that note, that sign. I was angry at the person that let their dog pee on Maggie’s snow duck. Lashing out like that did not make me feel any better and won’t take the pee away.
      All I was saying…


      • I know JC, but sometimes we should lash out – you were not committing a crime by doing so, you did not physically hurt anyone, you were simply airing your feelings on something that upset you..I see no harm in that – we all have a voice and perhaps you needed to use it. The only person that is upset with them self is you, but I cannot understand why 😦


        • I don’t know that it’s ever entirely “right” to “lash out”. Our actions do not always have to physically hurt someone in order to hurt someone. There are a million ways to do it without getting physical. And yes, I was just airing my feelings, but for me the problem lies more in the reason for my actions than the actions themselves. They were coming from a place of anger, a verbal version of my sincere desire to smash someone’s face in. And Yes I really wanted to do that. If on the other hand I had come at it from a desire to help someone understand the hurtfulness of their actions, that would have been different. The sign would have read much differently with just the words “ignorant JERK” excised. I do not regret any of my actions and I’m not beating myself up about them any more (yes, I did for a while). You must understand that I have Anger issues, with a capital “A”. (You should see my road rage…) A year ago, I would have carried that anger around with me for days, and then the self-recrimination for a few days more. I’m getting better at letting go of both.
          I could go on but I’ll shut up now…maybe I’ll do a post instead?
          Who’s the Rambly one now? 😉


          • Johnny, the pee on the snow duck seems like it was a terrific lesson. You seem to have grown in awareness, compassion, and self-compassion. I think your decision to keep the post up as a reminder is brilliant. For me, blogging is a reminder to try to do better, be better, and serve others. I hope one day your daughter will be able to read this post and understand that her Dad has a loving heart even if it is clouded by anger on bad days.
            I, too, suffer from anger issues due to physical abuse as a child. All I can say is that forgiveness is key. I never liked being angry days on end. I’m glad you are letting go. Anger is a great indicator of weak spots in our desire to love unconditionally. I look forward to growing more peaceful with you through honestly sharing our stories. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


  2. I like the sign. Why not ask this of strangers? I don’t see anything wrong with that -not to mention, your daughter must really feel your love and pride in her. If anything, it seems to me that your sign would prompt a great discussion about your feelings about her and the idea of courtesy and respect for others.


    • I agree about the sign Jeremy…except for those two words…(“ignorant jerk”)
      Don’t know if I really capitalized on the opportunity for discussion (wonderful way to look at it), the anger gets in the way…


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