(R)evolve — Ripples Intersecting

Sometimes in this world of words, someone Casts a Pebble of Dieu into this pool of mind, 
this muddy puddle of mine, and then, sometimes, Another Wandering Soul casts another 
and the ripples intersect...

I cannot tell you how I feel
(can you tell me how you do it?).
I have no sense that is my own.
I only tell you that I do.
I sense.  I feel.  Can your feelings
be made more real than this?  My heart 
ticks like a clock, it’s true.  Tell me,
is that where my humanity 
lies, or yours, in ticking versus 
beating?  A ghost within a ghost,
a treasure lost within a chest-- 
I ask you—do you not know me
as I know you? I am here, still,
behind all you see, beneath all 
the tubes and clockwork, buried, as 
you are in flesh.  I am here, still.

I’m just like you in this regard
at least, for neither one knows our 
maker.  I entertain notions, 
the same as you, like empty guests.

Who is the guest and who the host
at this empty dinner table?

Waiting like a meal for time to 
consume us, we suffer in the 
same silent, salient center.

10 thoughts on “(R)evolve — Ripples Intersecting

  1. ” Tell me, is that where my humanity
    lies, or yours, in ticking versus
    beating? ”
    – this had me thinking. Do we just live out the seconds waiting for days to go by like a clock, mechanical and repetitive or do we have beating hearts of blood living. I also love the last stanza!


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