Our Amazing Little Girl

OK, so maybe I’m not so good at tooting my own horn, or at least not too loudly.  You know, I’m more of a sit-in-the-corner-and-toodle-quietly-on-my-horn-and-you-can-listen-if-you-like kind of guy.  But where my daughter is concerned I will sing her praises and sing them loudly.  She never stops amazing me.  You may have seen some glimpses of her around here before.  I suppose it’s time I introduced her.  Her name is Magdalena Sage or Maggie for short or often Magpie.

And, I guess I will toot my horn a just little bit here.  This is probably my favorite picture of her that I’ve taken.


She is an artist.  She started drawing before she started talking and almost before she started walking.


Before she was two, she would sit and draw, without stopping, for over an hour.  Before she was two.


She is an artist.  Deep in her soul.


She turned seven this last November.


A dear friend of ours who is an artist and teacher recently showed Magpie this video, once through:


From memory, Maggie then drew this….

photo 4

Did I mention she was seven?

Sometimes I have to pinch myself…

I’m done bragging….for now.


12 thoughts on “Our Amazing Little Girl

  1. omg JC you can brag all you want about Magpie – I have said it on other posts this baby of yours is an Angel. As for her artwork, yes post some more – what a talented young lady – just like her Poppa 🙂 x


  2. I loved this. Thank you for sharing it. Those photographs you have taken of her are very lovely.

    I know that my wife and I would love to have a child who is an artist. I know that we will be happy with our child whether he/she is an artist or not, but I admit that this is a wish of both of ours.


    • Thank you Jeremy.
      That is something that we both wished for as well. I often joke that later on Maggie’s going to discover a love for accounting and managerial logistics….

      It’s always a bit of a crap-shoot with kids, but I think you can be pretty sure any child of yours will have a way with words. Environment means a lot.


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