Ripple 1/10/13

shall we compare infinities, you and I? all the odds are infinite all the evens too both, together doubly so to keep things fair you can take the evens and I will take the odds then all our infinities will be even

20 thoughts on “Ripple 1/10/13

  1. Am I allowed to crit on here? – I liked it till the last two lines – which didn’t feel ‘ping’ enough?
    If it had been ‘will be even-tually’ – maybe? Maybe I should leave all that to IP!
    Woot, Fantastic!!


    • As far as Crabs are concerned, Panda’s have Carte Blanche, especially since you homed in on the exact spot that I was not entirely happy with. It was kind of a response to one of Susan’s Stones so I felt I needed to get it posted in a timely fashion, ready or not…how about “will be equal”? I was playing with the mathematical concept of different sizes of infinities and the idea of fairness, equality, and perhaps my own oddity. This may flesh out into something more in the future….and may never be “finished”.
      Thanks as always for your insight.
      It is always welcome here.


      • Okay – so here’s some head-fucky stuff. If your coming from mathematics these ideas might do it…

        x || y :means: Parallel (geometry) Incomparable (order theory) or exactly divisible. So the twin lines mean parallel or incomparable or exactly divisible depending on the mathematical paradigm. ” You || Me ” Would be an ending of wonderful ambiguity.

        Overlined (opposite to underlined but can’t do it in comments) = Complex conjugate – In mathematics, complex conjugates are a pair of complex numbers, both having the same real part, but with imaginary parts of equal magnitude and opposite signs (one +, the other -). Which is kind of lovely and incomprehensible!

        ℵα represents an infinite cardinality – Ooer missus!

        ~ asymptotic equivalence (x2 + 2x) (2x is insignificant when X is a large number) – So if your infinities met, all else is insignificant! You + Me ~ Everything

        R ⋈ S is the natural join of the relations R and S – speaks for itself

        ≅ Isomorphic or geometric congruence (equivalence), that is to say, the shape/geometry of the objects are equivalent. So ” you ≅ me ” would mean we are the same.

        So, some computational food for thought 🙂


        • Multiple choice reply to your multiple choice comment:

          Please select one (or more) of the following:
          A. Jesus Fucking Christ Mike! This shit isn’t just head-fucky, it’s head-molesty!
          B. I kind of find higher math interesting, but I don’t think I ever came from it!
          C. Is this because of that sestina crack I made?
          D. Is there anything you don’t know a shit-ton about?
          E. Ummm, does that mean you like “congruent”?


          • A- You have to give in to it baby, it only hurts coz you fight it!
            B- Then you’re missing out
            C- Only partly – I’m also generally cruel
            D- Practically everything – I’m just good with wikipedia
            E- Oh yeah, you can gruent my con any time!


          • Haha 🙂 Nice JC…

            And Mike – that just made my heart thump a little harder 🙂 I LOVE math…

            I was thinking the same thing today (I read on my phone but commenting or even liking sometimes is a PITA)…about the last two lines. My thought was asymptotes… that you being even and odd were asymptotes approaching each other infinitely.

            just an idea 🙂


  2. Oh, Crabby, I like, I like it very much. Now, as to infinities being even, which is where you are dissatisfied–how about congruent infinities–however you choose to word it in your wonderful crustacean mind.

    Really like the concept here, and I am surfing the ripples of this.


    • I have only just started re-familiarizing myself with LC. Read quite a bit many years ago. I don’t recall that piece specifically but it does sound familiar now you mention it. I shall have to explore that further. I find that extremely flattering but also a bit worrisome. Strange how things can bubble to the surface, unawares…
      Thank you for noticing that–(do you know the title of that piece by any chance?)


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