Dinner Music (with new, sicker ending!)

{If you were to make me angry,
I would not simply rip your head off…}

“hi there, yes, thank you, I’d love one.”

{…I would slice it off gently
being sure to not lose any of
those precious spinal fluids…}

“Gin and Tonic please.”

{…for they are the base for
the most sublime cream sauce…}

“Oh, Bombay Sapphire, lovely. Thank you.”

{…I would start first with the softest bits–
those velvety cheeks…}

“Why, yes, it IS a smashing party.”

{…the lobes of the ears and those lips…}

“No, I’m here alone.”

{…yes, those full, luscious lips
like the ripest of berries…}

“Oh, yes, I always meet the most INteresting people at these little soirees.”

{…sautéed in a little butter–
perhaps a bit of thyme,
salt, pepper– nothing else–
one must taste the lips
just as they are…}

“The band really is quite good.”

{…and oh, yes, the rest of
the ears and the nose—
not many people know what amazing
things pickling can do to cartilage–
it takes on the most tantalizing,
toothsome texture…}

“Ah, you like the afro-cuban stuff.”

{…and those college-bred brains,
the sweetest of sweetbreads…}

“Yes, I like it as well, though
I’m more of a Be-bop man myself.”

{…definitely breakfast,
with a bit of delicately
braised pork belly
and toast points
to sop up that sauce…}

“Pardon me if I sound a bit forward
but, you have the most aMAzing eyes.”

{…yes, those eyes, I would freeze
and save them for last, savour them,
cook them sou vide of course,
sixteen, seventeen hours, ever
so gently…}

“Well, listen, I have quite a collection
on vinyl, if you’d care to…”

{…so please

“Sure, sure, just let me get my car.”

{…because I will savor
every last morsel
of your skull
for weeks
as I defecate
down your

Something a little different...and a little dark.
Just goes to show you, you never know what to expect around here.

11 thoughts on “Dinner Music (with new, sicker ending!)

    • Yes, it was a response to a prompt to “show us your bad side” and…well…I guess I have some strange and dark corners that I sometimes find myself hiding in…
      Thanks for “liking” it any way…like I said, never know what you might see here…


      • I think it’s great to push yourself in other directions. I also found this poem not only dark but strangely witty. Sometimes I think I can be too romantic, too light and fluffy in my writing. Or I write like a monk.


        • Aah good–glad to know the wit came through with the dark. And there is a link here I think between the preparation of meat and that darkness. In many cultures butchers are outcast, even if the rest of the culture partakes of their handiwork…

          Nothing at all wrong with the romantic light and fluff. While yes, it can be over-done, your work has the depth to keep it from ever floating away…and you should celebrate it before…well…before the cracks start forming and filling with dark….


  1. 🙂 I think you nailed it with this. The use of defecate made it walk line be between class and trash (vs using another coarser word) that I think you were striving for.

    “Why yes, I am a serial (cereal lol) killer. But look, I’m wearing Armani…”


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