Mimsy, What Have We Done?!

…or “The Bifurcation of a Challenge” (yes, I said “Bifurcation”…)

It all started out so innocently, a comment made in jest, replied to in jest, challenged in jest, challenge accepted in jest….and then….the jesting got out of hand…

I leave you kids home alone for one night, and look what you’ve DONE!  You wait until your father gets home!  Have you seen the mess you made of my comments section?!?!  I guess I should be thankful its contained to just the one post!  It was that Panda boy, wasn’t it?  I knew he was bad news….

So here’s where things stand so far….I think….whimsy-mimsy made a challenge in jest in a comment about TP, old shoes and mud and writing something sensuous/romantic about them.  I took that challenge and so did a bunch of other lovelies.  Whimsy apparently passed the mantle to me…why, I’ll never know…and I came up with a name…Three Nuts and a Squirrel…and a new challenge/prompt and a bunch more lovelies blew up my comments section.  Somewhere along the way an acorn  got involved...not sure how that happened either.  Oh, yeah, I think the Panda did it…figures.  And now a Ramblin’ Mum has taken the mantle (though I think she’s trying to pass it back) for the next bit of licentiousness and that damned dirty Panda has taken things to the gutter as per usual.

Confused yet?  I am completely lost.

I haven’t had this much fun in ages.

Thanks all–

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