Blue Rondeau a la Dave (with rondelet epigraph)

You made meter
analytic and yet profound.	
You made meter
part of sound that then grew sweeter.
Then you took jazz and capped and gowned
it, and with all you found around
you, made meter.



You made meter a household word we all hung onto like a bird. We all wanted to be that free. You made it possible to see deeper into rhythms now heard every day, all around us, spurred deeper delvings into our world of pattern and texture. For me, you made meter something I could touch, that has stirred in me a poet, though much blurred by time. Like the poet in me, now interred, still and ever free, you made meter. {In memory of Dave Brubeck, December 6, 1920 – December 5, 2012}

17 thoughts on “Blue Rondeau a la Dave (with rondelet epigraph)

  1. Like I often do mindlessly, I skipped the title and jumped into the poem. I read the poem as a love poem–meter being a metaphor. Then when I got to the end and read the dedication, I was blown away. Thank you for this wonderful experience of gratitude, respect, and love.


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