Phriday Phaiga 11/30/12

…on becoming a Pen
in the Sun’s hand…

Liana’s recent post, this is what you should do…

put me in mind of the origin of this whole phaiga thing for me.   I love what this quote from Rumi says about the human body, the human being bridging the gap between earth and sky, becoming a conduit…

It was the busy autumn of 2009 and if I was going to capture any of the colors in that one “sweet-week” of October, it had to be from the dashboard of my car on a quiet city street…
I had no time….

The words came as I later viewed these images.

I had no idea what I would find.
The sky and I were in cahoots,
my eyes were blindlofting2

More to come….

7 thoughts on “Phriday Phaiga 11/30/12

  1. Lovely poem and image. Funny, because when you mentioned the Rumi quote, I was thinking autumn trees. Thank you for this wonderful collage of poetry, imagery, quotation, and insight.


  2. Nice. You’ve captured in simple words those moments when you feel like you’re just an eye seeing something clearly for the first time. And the words and image go perfectly together. 🙂


    • It’s funny. I think at the time, I had so little time that I felt more like a camera…or a lens perhaps–somewhat empty. But the photography has helped me see things more clearly I hope and returning to writing (via this blog-thing) is helping me think things clearly for the first time and to see this emptiness as a good something to be embraced.
      Thank you;-)


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